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Choose the right LED display must understand several issues
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Choose the right LED display must understand several issues
Consider space can allow users to screen body area What are the factors?

(A) an effective line of sight and the relationship between the size of the actual site; (2) pixel size and resolution; (3) as the base unit of area estimation;

     (4) Screen mechanical installation and maintenance of operating space; (5) Screen angle of impact on the distance.

Users need to playback what?

(1) Text Display: Text size and differentiate depending on their needs may be; (2) ordinary video display: 320 × 240 dot matrix;

     (3) digital standard DVD Show: ≥ 640 × 480 matrix; (4) complete computer video: ≥ 800 × 600 matrix;

Ambient light intensity for screen body which requires?

General brightness requirements are as follows:

     (1) Indoor:> 800CD/M2 (2) Semi-Indoor:> 2000CD/M2

     (3) Outdoor (ride northward):> 4000CD/M2 (4) Outdoor (facing south):> 8000CD/M2

Red, green and blue on white composition of what kind of brightness requirements?

     Red, green, and blue color in the white area is not the same contribution. The fundamental reason is because the human eye retina

     Membranes for different wavelengths of light caused by the different feeling. After a number of experimental tests get the following about proportion, for reference designs:

     Simple green and blue brightness ratio: 3:6:1

     Precise RGB brightness ratio: 3.0:5.9:1.1

Display can be controlled with a laptop, why?